Staff in the hospitality sector are the core of what distinguishes one business from another. Before the outright cold commercialisation of this industry, It was about the proprietors. Whom were hands on with all aspects of their show. They were hosts, servers, bartenders, etc. But they had a core ability. They strived for each guest to never want to leave. To leave an enduring memory on each guest, be it the friendly hospitality, the food, the drinks, or the nature of the building, maybe it was the lot.

However today sheer volume of people mean that hospitality owners need to replicate that ownership in all their staff. To hire ownership.  Team building comes within. Positive attitude toward training will raise the standards and increase the product of your establishment.

  • Are you aware that staff are you’re greatest marketing asset?
  • Do you realise that staff are an integral component of your business’s brand?
  • “Staff bridge the gap between what you promise & what you deliver”
  • Training and coaching of staff, is this an undertaking by a department or person in your establishment?
  • Marketing a Restaurant / Hotel / Bar is supported by strong operations management procedures
  • Do you have a training program beyond orientation?
  • Why is staff training vital? Correction in service is too late.
  • Training spend is marketing spend.
  • Do you know whom your best brand ambassadors potentially are? The staff. You hired ambassadors.
  • Have you neglected restaurant / bar training? Did you ever consider the above?