ProfitWatch has helped many businesses become aware of how much food waste is costing their business. Food Waste Aware is both a financial and environmental initiative

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  • Your projected total net yearly food waste savings
  • Cost to produce (CTP) figure and the potential savings*
  • How much you need to reduce your food waste by
  • What is your food waste percentage FW%
  • The greenhouse gas emissions/carbon footprint associated with your food waste
  • How much you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by

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*The cost to produce figure is the overall business impact cost that food waste is having on your business

ProfitWatch is proud to be in partnership with The Roscommon County Council, The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) and The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“Humankind needs to be Food Waste Aware. Big business needs to become the leader. Food businesses have an opportunity to become the leaders by being Food Waste Aware. This, in turn, safeguards their business and brings better products and prices to their customer.  Let’s build sustainability by adopting new business models to take a new step to how humanity employ planet earth’s resources.”      Mark Kelly